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Transfer files (folders) between computer and phone without the USB data cable.
With this fantastic app installed:
* No need to carry the USB data cable for file transfer
(Drag and drop the files/folders between PC and phone)
* No need to mount and unmount the SD card frequently
* Protect your USB interface on the phone
* No impact to your data plan (WIFI data transfer)
(Please read the FAQ if issues come up)
This app is simple to use, two steps make it all:
1. Open the app and tap the "Start Service" button
2. Open "Windows Browser" (or Internet Browser") on your computer and input address
Now the computer will be connected with the phone. You can transfer the files/folders (copy/cut/paste/delete etc.) freely and fastly.
1. I don't know how to use this app, how it works?
answer: This app works when your computer and phone are connected to the same WIFI network.
2. Can this app be installed on the SD card?
answer: Yes
3. Why can't I just drag and drop the files/folders?
answer: Open your "Internet Browser" on computer, Click and choose "Tools" -> "Internet Options" -> "Advanced", Check the option "Enable folder view for FTP sites".
4. I'm using Windows Vista/Windows 7, what should I do?
answer: You can use free FTP client "FilleZilla" to connect.
5. Can my MAC be connected with my phone?
answer: yes. You'll need a FTP client software(such as the free FileZilla) on your MAC to connect to the phone.
6. Why it's slow to transfer hundreds of small files?
answer: The windows FTP (with drag/drop) only allows one session. It's better to use a FTP client (such as the free FileZilla below which can support 10 sessions) to get a 10x faster speed.

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